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Our company CABAN-ODLEWNIA is a manufacturer of semi-finished and finished products made of grey cast iron, modified cast iron with the properties of refractory and non-ferrous metals. We cast both serial and unicast to individual order.

We specialize in production of the cast iron grates for furnaces and boilers. We offer furnace beam grates, chevron grates, round grates, baffles (deflectors). The entire range is made of modified cast iron designed to heavy-duty work in high temperature.

Our company undertakes the restoration and reconstruction of historic elements of iron or steel. We are able to reproduce the detail on the base of remaining or damaged parts. We perform the reconstruction on the basis of archival drawings and other documentation, such as photos. Examples of selected projects are in the Gallery.

Cast iron foundry products - POLAND

Cast iron bar 75mm diameter

Cast iron bar manufacturer 75mm diameter

Cast iron bar with 75mm diameter and 500mm long. Round bar is made from durable and easily machined grey cast iron. We are European manufacturer of grey iron bars, rods and sleeves. The standard length of the bar is 500mm. The bars can be used for the production of bushes, shafts, spacers, etc.

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Cast iron beam grates 90cm

Cast iron beam grates 900mm - manufacturer

Cast iron beam grates with 90cm length are intended for work in industrial furnaces and boilers. Beam grates are made from thick and durable modified cast iron designed for heavy-duty and long-time work in high temperature. Cast iron is charakterized with big endurance and heat resistance, so it is the best material to work at combustion chamber of furnace. Cast iron grates are used in furnaces fired with coal, wood, briquetss, sawdust or biomass. Our cast iron foundry is manufacturer of all kinds and length furnace grates.

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Cast iron Vigas nozzle

Cast iron Vigas nozzle producer

Fire nozzles suitable for Vigas wood gasification furnace / boiler are made from cast iron characterized by a very big endurance and heat resistance. Cast iron nozzles last definitely longer than ceramic ones, which crumble during usage. Properly selected composition of cast iron increases the durability of nozzles for long-term operation in extreme temperature conditions. Weight approx. 14 kg/item. We are manufacturer of cast iron nozzles suitable for Vigas wood gasification furnace.

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Cast iron plate grate 305 x 145mm

Cast iron plate grates 305 x 145mm

Cast iron plate grates with dimensions 305 x 145mm made from thick and durable cast iron are used in furnaces combustion chambers. Plate grates are used in central heating furnaces, coal-fired ovens or free-standing stoves fired with coal or wood. We are a manufacturer of cast iron grates.

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