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Our company CABAN-ODLEWNIA is a manufacturer of semi-finished and finished products made of grey cast iron, modified with the properties of refractory and non-ferrous metals. We cast both serial and unicast to individual order.

We specialize in the production of cast iron fittings for furnaces and boilers. We offer furnace grates, undergrates beams, baffles The entire range is made of modified cast iron designed to heavy-duty work in high temperature.

Our company undertakes the restoration and reconstruction of historic elements of iron or steel. We are able to reproduce the detail on the base of remaining or damaged parts. We perform the reconstruction on the basis of archival drawings and other documentation, such as photos. Examples of selected projects are in the gallery.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

Chevron grates - grates of a construction specially adapted for use in high power furnaces. Grates are made of cast iron modified, with properties of refractory which severally extends their life. They are most commonly used in boiler houses, dairies, distilleries, breweries and abattoirs. The assortment includes grates for furnaces KMR 185, KMR 250, KMR 350, KMR 470, KMR 600.

Ruszta jodełkowe   Ruszty jodełkowe

Chevron side grates - commonly referred to as bolsters. Side grates are built to adhere to the corrugated side wall of the furnace. They are made of cast iron modified with increased resistance to long-term operation at high temperature.

Ruszta boczne jodełkowe   Ruszty boczne jodełkowe

Arched bakery grates - grates used in RRK typed bakery furnaces. Made of cast iron modified with refractory properties. RRK grates made at our foundry as a result of the execution of a suitable material are characterized by very good durability.

Ruszta piekarnicze łukowe   Ruszty piekarnicze łukowe

Beam bakery grates – also called the finger grates. They are made of cast iron with modified properties of refractories. Sturdy construction allows for long-term work, they are very durable and reliable.

Ruszta piekarnicze belkowe   Ruszty piekarnicze belkowe

Grates to distilleries and breweries - Chevron grates of reduced foot, suitable for use in steam boilers used in distilleries and breweries. Made of cast iron modified transmitting refractory properties and a special structure gives them extremely long service life.

Ruszta do gorzelni i browarów   Ruszty do gorzelni i browarów

Comb grates - used in high-powered furnaces. The special design and execution of cast iron modified with properties of refractory allows for long-term work in harsh operating conditions.

Ruszta grzebieniowe   Ruszty grzebieniowe

Beam grates – also called the finger grates. They are made of cast iron modified with increased resistance to long-term work in high temperatures. It is used in a wide range of furnaces: from household stoves to incineration of fruit pomace.

Ruszta belkow   Ruszty belkow

Round grates - made of cast iron with properties of refractory which significantly extends the life of grates against other such products available on the market. Grates are made of thick and resistant modified cast iron.

Ruszta okrągłe   Ruszty okrągłe

Segment grates - made from cast iron modified transmitting exceptional flame retardant properties.

Ruszta segmentowe   Ruszty segmentowe

Undergrates beam - made of cast iron modified with refractory properties. Specially shaped, so that the position with the largest mechanical stress (center) is the largest cross-section at the same time. Length up to 120cm.

Belki podrusztowe   Belka podrusztowa

Stove baffles – made of cast iron modified with fire retardant properties. We offer circular deflectors with a diameter of fi180mm and fi220mm for furnace 15-25kW, 25-50kW, 50-75kW. Baffles are provided with standard fitment: hook or T-shaped handle. Deflectors are produced for high-power boilers (eg. 600kW) - specially reinforced structures.

Deflektory piecowe   Deflektor żeliwny

Machine casting - all kinds of gray iron castings. Gears, pulleys, machine housings, cast iron shafts, bushings.

Odlewy maszynowe   Odlewy maszynowe

Domestic and garden ornaments - knockers, statues, grottos, decorative flower pots, decorative lamps, garden benches.

Elementy ozdobne   Ławka ogrodowa

Non-ferrous metals castings - machinery and ornamental castings. Aluminum, copper, tin and lead. Buckets for chain conveyors, machine housings, bearings, pulleys, pump rotors.

Odlewy metali kolorowych   Odlewy metali kolorowych

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