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Cast iron beam grates 90cm

Cast iron beam grates 900mm - manufacturer
Cast iron furnace grates 90cm length

Cast iron beam grates with 90cm length are intended for work in industrial furnaces and boilers. Beam grates are made from thick and durable modified cast iron designed for heavy-duty and long-time work in high temperature. Cast iron is charakterized with big endurance and heat resistance, so it is the best material to work at combustion chamber of furnace. Cast iron grates are used in furnaces fired with coal, wood, briquetss, sawdust or biomass. Our cast iron foundry is manufacturer of all kinds and length furnace grates.

Dimentions of 90cm length grate:

Cast iron beam grate - dimensions

Grate length (a) [mm]

b [mm] c [mm] d [mm] e [mm] f [mm] g [mm] Weight [kg]
900 50 80 120 40 25 2 x 28 12


Photos of cast iron beam grates 90cm length: